Q.How does The Physiokey work?

The Physiokey is a non-invasive treatment, which restores the body’s self-healing mechanism. The Physiokey device emits an electro-magnetic signal, which is almost identical to the human nerve signal. This signal travels along certain types of nerve fibres and meridians, which triggers the release of powerful pain relieving substances into the bloodstream called endorphins. The Physiokey also stimulates the production of neuropeptides, which rapidly advances healing.

Q.Who can benefit from the The Physiokey?

Anyone who is experiencing pain whether chronic or acute will benefit from Physiokey treatment.

Q.How can The Physiokey help my pain?

Pain can be useful! When you have an injury, pain alerts the brain and the body to where the injury is so that the brain can produce its pain-killing endorphins and the body can begin to heal.Imagine a sprained ankle, the pain alerts the nervous system and the body responds immediately so that the injury can begin to heal as soon as possible. After all the body cannot afford for you to limp around for very long! This is an acute injury and the pain is a positive symptom of healing. On the other hand, often pain persists long after a reasonable healing period has elapsed, especially if the damage was severe or extensive. Extended use of pain killers can also affect healing because they take away the signal the brain needs to repair the injury. After a while the brain, nervous system, endocrine and immune system cannot work on the injury any longer but the pain is still there, this is called chronic pain.The Physiokey helps our adaptation systems produce mediators, hormones and other chemical substances and redirects the body’s energy back to the injury and gives the body what is known as “PRIMARY FOCUS”, the body can then begin to repair itself.

Q.How does The Physiokey differ from TENS?

In conventional TENS therapy, the pain subsides usually only while the TENS unit is activated. The TENS delivers a single continuous impulse, which the body adapts itself to and eventually ignores, causing the pain to return. Physiokey pain relief extends beyond the actual treatment, often days, and even weeks beyond.The bio-feedback controlled impulse of the Physiokey means that the device communicates actively with the processes that are happening in the body by monitoring the skin’s impedance and then adjusts the impulse it is sending out in accordance with the changes in the skin’s impedance. A simple way to look at the differences between the two devices is the TENS is delivering a one-way signal where the body is only able to receive information but with Physiokey treatment the device and the body are “talking” to each other. As the device monitors and evaluates treatment results it independently delivers the correct impulse without the possibility of overdosing and hence very few side effects.

Q.How long does a treatment session take?

The demands and needs of each patient can vary considerably. The nature of the pain whether it is acute or chronic will have a bearing on the treatment time. The location of the pain and the history are other factors that need to be considered when assessing treatment times. On average 20 – 30 minutes per session is sufficient to alleviate pain.

Q.Will I be able to give up my prescribed pain medication?

The Physiokey treatment is designed to alleviate your pain without reliance on medication. However, we would always advise that you seek the guidance of your General Practitioner before you withdraw or change your medication regime.

Q.Are there any side effects or contraindications?

Your Anwser here #7We do not advise the use of The Physiokey for pregnant women and for patients fitted with pacemakers or who suffer from epilepsy and seizures. The Physiokey is non-addictive and can be used frequently to alleviate pain. Red patches can sometimes occur on the skin when first used, but this discolouration will disappear after a short time.

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