Sanakey Personal Device

The Sanakey personal home device is the latest development in personal pain relief technology.

The Sanakey provides easy operation and handling and more importantly – fast results! Whether Sanakey is used for pain relief in acute or longer-term treatment of chronic ailments – you’ll quickly discover the wide range of applications of this device and appreciate the Sanakey!

Sanakey is made in Germany to the highest standards and the latest technology and high quality workmanship characterise your Sanakey.

  • Touch screen and full-colour LCD screen
  • Micro-usb charging
  • Removable and interchangeable electrode head
  • 2 year warranty

Based on years of knowledge in the field of feedback controlled non-invasive neurostimulation, this new development is characterised by a significant increase in treatment efficiency, speed, and more importantly, positive patient outcomes.

Pain relief therapy using Sanakey is an effective, non-invasive medical technology which works by stimulating the body’s inherent self healing mechanisms with minimal side effects.

Please contact me for details of how to order a Sanakey home device.

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