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Hear out what my clients have to say about my treatments and how my skills and experience could help you with your health and wellness goals.

P. K.


(Exhaustion & Stress)

Acupuncture really helped me with feelings of exhaustion and stress. I had no energy which really restricted me from living everyday life and I was feeling very low and depressed. Acupuncture had a big impact on my energy levels and after a few treatments I felt full of energy and could face life again.

Mike May


(Pain Relief)

Darren is a great acupuncturist with an excellent range of techniques. He tailors the treatment to specific needs on each visit. Darren is very professional and reliable. The style he uses instantaneously relieves the pain I experience. Darren offers lifestyle advice to improve my condition. I also have had physiokey treatments and cupping. They were both great at helping to relieve my pain.

D. B.



After many years of suffering with psoriasis, acupuncture has really helped me and my skin is almost clear now and I know acupuncture keeps it under control. I have more confidence and enjoy life a lot more. I also found the common sense lifestyle advice that Darren gave me helped me to have more control over my condition.

S. M.



I had been suffering for weeks with sciatica and could hardly walk due to intense pain. I had two sessions of acupuncture and I could hardly believe the results as I was pain free and back to work after only two treatments.

M. B.


(Thai Massage)

I love Thai massage, it is unlike any other massage I have had before. During the massage I am in a deeply relaxed space and it feels great to have someone stretch and twist me into all sorts of positions. It can feel strong with firm pressure at times, I really know I have had a massage, but it really helps my neck and shoulders and I am free from pain for weeks afterwards.

Andy Laywood


(Tennis Elbow)

After 4 months of suffering with tennis elbow and not being able to do my job properly, I thought I would try acupuncture to relieve the pain. After one treatment by Darren my pain disappeared and my elbow has been great ever since.

Alice Eeles


(Individual Approach)

A professional and effective service personalised to my requirements.


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    24, December,2018   2 years ago

    The Physiokey device is an amazing technology that ‘communicates’ with the body’s own healing chemistry and Darren is a compassionate, knowledgable and skilled practitioner in its application. After years of pain and discomfort, temporarily relieved by chiropratic and acupunture treatments, I came across Darrens Physiokey treatment after researching ‘Scenar’ and bio-resonance, luckily I found that Darren was using a similiar treatment to that and was relatively local. After the first consultation and treatment Darren was able to significantly reduce the pain I had been suffering with my back and neck and subsequent (x4) treatments have made remarkable improvement to my digestion and anxiety caused by my discomfort. I will now visit Darren for maintenance treatments as and when required. I am very very pleased and relieved to have found something that works at long last! Thank you Darren!

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    02, October,2019   1 year ago

    Darren’s acupuncture is extremely effective,, he has helped me with various issues over the past few months. He always makes the treatments a very pleasant experience


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