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    24, December,2018   4 years ago

    The Physiokey device is an amazing technology that ‘communicates’ with the body’s own healing chemistry and Darren is a compassionate, knowledgable and skilled practitioner in its application. After years of pain and discomfort, temporarily relieved by chiropratic and acupunture treatments, I came across Darrens Physiokey treatment after researching ‘Scenar’ and bio-resonance, luckily I found that Darren was using a similiar treatment to that and was relatively local. After the first consultation and treatment Darren was able to significantly reduce the pain I had been suffering with my back and neck and subsequent (x4) treatments have made remarkable improvement to my digestion and anxiety caused by my discomfort. I will now visit Darren for maintenance treatments as and when required. I am very very pleased and relieved to have found something that works at long last! Thank you Darren!

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    02, October,2019   3 years ago

    Darren’s acupuncture is extremely effective,, he has helped me with various issues over the past few months. He always makes the treatments a very pleasant experience


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